We are a small agency based in Miami with a deep believe in design & engineering.

We Offer


We build memorable brand identities and provide an effective communications strategy that can reach out to your key audiences with targeted messaging. Need our help?

Our team will take your project from initial concept to final production integrating design, user interface, usability and functionality to achieve your goals. Need this service?

From brochure design to logos and corporate identity we will establish your business brand and clearly communicate messaging to potential clients and partners. What do you need?

Our Working Class Heroes

Ormani Q. Kolokolov

Software Engineer Ormani Q. Kolokolov

Experienced software engineer highly committed to TDD, best practices, scalability, durability & product quality.

Alberto Gonzalez Roges

Designer Alberto Gonzalez Roges

Graphic Designer graduated from the Design Academy in Cuba. Loves his family, crazy about music and thrilled by design.

Jose L Pimienta

UI Engineer Jose L Pimienta

Front-End Engineer with a big passion for design & music. Believes JS will rule the world.

Osniel Gonzalez

Software Engineer Osniel Gonzalez

Software Engineer who loves to turn ideas into reality while surrounded by the delicate sound of rock music.

Under the hood

We continuously improve our skills and learn the latest technologies to deliver the best service and products to our clients.

On the surface

We do branding and UX/UI design. We can carry on the look and feel of your company and products with functional design.



Final Product